Book Synopsis:

In 2062, humankind became reliant on their technological devices on a daily. Until a new invention of an implant called Capitol Optics releases, allowing its user to interact with and control the technology around them. Appears like a more natural way to live, or so everyone believes. Alec Everly, on the other hand, is more focused on his relationship with Liam Brooks, the lead Lieutenant of Canada’s Green Berets. Upon Liam’s return, he proposes! With little family Alec has left after the loss of his father, his mother orders that his identical twin brother attend the wedding. 

Alec promptly sets out in search of his brother that leads him to a remote island off the coast of Chile entitled Candelario. A massive island that is overrun by a mind-controlled gang called Los Furiosos. In a brutal fight for survival to escape, Alec discovers Los Furiosos obscure taste for illegal experimentation, mind control, and a genetically mutated chromosome that the gang believes lies within Alec’s blood. Was it a mistake or destiny that brought him to Candelario? Alec’s past has left him with uncertainties, but he will ultimately discover what he was designed to become!

In this first installment of Andre L. Carr’s novel “Rise of the Fay” experience a coming of age story encompassing one of the first LGBT characters who grew from underestimated, to a force to be reckoned with! A genuinely new breed of hero redefined. A suspenseful thriller with a twist of sci-fi, brutality, love, self-discovery, and courage! A novel written with a narrative that leaves you wanting more!

Meet The Characters

Name: Alec Everly

Age: 26

Height: 6’0

Weight: 165 lbs

Gender: Male

Threat LevelSevere

Alec Everly is 26 years old who was recently engaged to Liam Brooks. Alec has been apart of the Peace Corpe since he graduated high school. Unexplainable things have always happened to Alec since he was very young; injuries healing faster then they should, inexplicable speed and strength. Alec has lived with his intrigues and has only unveiled some to those very close to him. However, in his arrival to Candelario Island is when Alec’s dark truth begins to show its true colors!

Name: Liam Brooks

Age: 30

Height: 6’3

Weight: 185 lbs

Gender: Male

Threat Level: Substantial

Liam Brooks is the fiance of Alec Everly within the “Rise of the Fay” novel. Liam has been apart of Armed Forces since his graduation from school. With Liam’s upbringing, his family has always lived by strict rules, especially since his father was apart of the Armed Forces as well. After serving his father’s will for so long, he finally concluded that his love for Alec was too important. He soon confessed his love for him, and they have been inseparable ever since. Liam will stop at nothing to ensure Alec’s safety, even if it means endangering his own life itself.

Name: Erico

Age: 32

Height: 6’3

Weight: 190lbs

Gender: Male

Threat Level: Substantial

Erico’s past is unclear, his connection to Los Furiosos is Lead Command of those who reside on Candelario Island. Although Erico is under control, his free will has more leeway than anyone else on Candelario. His acts of aggression and brutality are just a taste of his broad interest in torment. Erico will stop at nothing to serve Los Furiosos. Hesitation is not apart of his vocabulary, especially if killing is his only answer!

Name: Dr. Jericho


Height: 5’10

Weight: 145

Gender: Male

Threat Level: Moderate

Dr. Jericho’s profession on Candelario Island is ensuring that the implants are operating correctly. Beyond Los Furiosos awareness, Dr. Jericho has been known to experiment on both animals and humans alike. With the growth of his test subjects, Dr. Jericho has come to a highly unlikely conclusion relating to Alec Everly, one that could change the future of Los Furiosos as he knows it. With his obscure fascination with Alec Everly, Dr. Jericho is conflicted between sparing his life or ending him!.

Andre L. Carr is the author of the first installment of the “Rise of the Fay” series.

A novel surrounding a young adult character named Alec Everyly, whose journey to reconnect with his identical twin brother shifts into a deadly fight for survival that later leads to a revelation of his father’s dark hidden past. Andre L. Carr was born in 1992 in Stockton, California. However, he grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he graduated in 2010 from Spring Valley High School. Thereafter, Andre attended Anthem Institute of Technology, where he earned his certificate of Dental Assisting. Throughout the years, Andre has participated in multiple careers in the medical field and trade work. Andre L. Carr has dabbled in various areas of the business as far as modeling, YouTube, makeup artist, writing, insurance, and construction building.

White Lab Coat Los Furiosos

Threat: Low

Beneath Dr. Jericho is his team of researchers who all wear white lab coats. Although these members do not pose a significant threat, what they have created and reproduced is more compelling than those who roam Candelario. The white lab coat workers are held at the most indisposable level, where their intelligence and constant monitoring of Los Furiosos implants are critical! Their position on Candelario is simple: Keep all the implants running, along with aiding in Dr. Jericho’s quest to produce a new genetic anomaly!

Low-Grade​ Los Furiosos Threat: Moderate

These kinds of Los Furiosos work within the island. They travel to the mainland of Chile from time to time, recruiting new members and gathering supplies. These men are considered to be intensely filthy and are degraded to manual labor jobs to assure Los Furiosos continues to reap profit from the island’s massive supply of gold, oil, and agriculture. Just like all Los Furiosos alike, these members should not be trusted! In the eyes of Alec Everly, these men are inherently brutal savages!

Los Furiosos Martial

Threat: Substantial

In their deep navy blue military suits with neon orange trim, these men are the gatekeepers of Los Furiosos. All have military training in their background and have been chosen or taken individually by Los Furiosos. These Martial’s ensure that the lower grade Los Furiosos are kept in check to guarantee that their work proceeds to bring in constant profit to the organization. Los Furiosos Martial’s are the backbone of the group itself, and their numbers have overgrown to their sister island, Isle Onocastel. Los Furiosos Martial’s should never be underestimated!

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